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Gas Stove, Insert and Fireplace conversions from Natural Gas to Propane/LP or Propane to Natural Gas

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Gas stove conversions are often necessary when stoves are sold, stove owner's move or a new fuel option becomes available. Many stove manufacturers stopped offering their conversion kits soon after the stove went out of production and it was assumed that all of them had been installed. We get inquiries all the time for these conversion kits that are out of production. The first and most important step is to find a licensed local technician who is experienced in doing these conversions. They can help you find the right parts and do the installation in a safe and efficient fashion. GAS STOVES ARE DANGEROUS AND NOT SAFE FOR ANY UNLICENSED TECHNICIANS TO WORK ON!  You should be aware that the conversion kits typically include a regulator for converting the valve, and pilot and burner orifice replacements. These components may not be offered as a kit by the manufacturer so long after all their stoves were sold and installed but these parts were supplied by the valve manufacturer and most are still available from other sources. There are also necessary adjustments and some burners need additional changes that the manual or manufacturer can advise on.  To pursue this process first identify which model of stove you have and find the manual and parts list. DOWNLOAD A PARTS LIST (FREE PDF) Then you can see what brand of valve is listed. Most gas stoves have a Robertshaw 7000 or an 820 Nova SIT valve and the regulator we have listed might be the match for that valve. FYI, the latest versions of Nova SIT valves have a reversible regulator function. Then you only need to find the right size orifices from the stove manual or label on the stove and a licensed technician to verify your parts selections and do the installation. Here are photos and links to the two most common valve regulators that will be necessary for conversion from fuel to fuel. The Propane pressures typically are regulated between 2" to 11" water column and Natural Gas much lower at around 1.7" to 3.5" water column, which are often noted on the regulator. The orifices may be more difficult to find but not impossible. If you take them out and photograph them they are probably available through us or other suppliers. You will need to get a copy of the owner’s manual to see what the sizes of orifices need to be for the main burner or multiple burners. They are usually listed in the specifications.

Nova Sit regulator.  

Click here for Robertshaw valve or regulator. 

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