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Hearthstone stove parts & guide to assist in stove identification

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HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR HEARTHSTONE STOVE MODEL TO GET YOUR OWNER'S MANUAL & PARTS LIST! FIRST - Search for the stove label which is a thin aluminum sheet attached to the stove back wall or elsewhere. This video will help you in your search.  We know that sometimes the stove label is hard to find when it is inside the fireplace on an insert, under the back heat shield, on the back of the stove too close to the wall to photo with a cell phone or the label was torn off of the cable by the gas stove valve. The Hearthstone stove company has been building stoves since the 1970s with many models but has been dilligent in keeping replacement parts available going all the way back to their first stoves. Here are the Parts Lists for each model.  Here are the OWNERS MANUALS for their stoves.  When you find your Stove Model and Parts list, place the part number in the SEARCH BOX on our web site to find the purchase the parts. Here are more resources for finding parts. 

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