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Identify the model of your Whitfield Pellet Stove

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Here we review the many different ways of identifying which model of Whitfield pellet stove you have. Some of these ways look on the label which is normally under the hopper lid or the owner's manual that came with the stove. Beware that the label may say only WP2 Advantage but this does not identify which model you have as the WP2 Advantage series includes many different specific models including the Advantage II, II-T, III, Plus, Optima and Classic. You can also go to the Owner's & Service manuals section of our web site on the left of each web page. Each manual has a line drawing on the cover that can help you identify your model. Download the manual you think looks most like yours and confirm that the features match your stove. If they don't, just send us an email and request another manual for free until you find the right manual. Find those manuals here Once you know which model you have you can the technical service manual for that stove in the manuals section of our web site. With your manuals and the free parts list also listed on our web site, you will be able to find all of the part numbers related to your stove model. Here is a link to that parts list When you identify parts you want to purchase or get more information about, just copy and paste the part number into the search box on our web site and click enter to see that and all related parts. Many parts pages have photos, videos and links to other related parts. We work very hard to make this process as easy as possible and also welcome you to email us at if you need further assistance.

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