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If you need Wood Stove Parts we can help!

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We primarily offer Wood stove parts from Quadrafire, Flame, Enviro, Lennox, Country, Earthstove, and Hearthstone. Blowers, firebricks, gaskets, baffles, glass gasketing, baffle blankets, etc. Some parts are generic, and will fit on many stoves including older models from manufacturers that have been out of business for a decade or more. We can get just about any parts still available, however many parts are discontinued on stoves made before the 1990 EPA Phase 2 standards came into effect.  When parts fail in older (pre EPA Phase 2) stoves, it is a good idea to consider upgrading to a more efficient appliance. Besides saving 25-50% in annual fuel usage, the feds are offering tax rebates up to $1500 to purchase a new efficient stove! Win, Win! Hearthstone Soapstone Stoves Here is a link to Hearthstone products on our web site, showing soapstone models to choose from, and describing the $1500 stimulus. Hearthstone Cast Iron Stoves and a link to Hearthstone cast iron stoves as well.  We love to sell Hearthstone stoves because they are beautiful, extremly high quality and come with an excellent limited lifetime warranty.

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