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Installing Dura Vent Chimney Adaptor with Trim part #8675 to another brand support box

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Installing Dura Vent Chimney Adaptor with Trim part 6DVL-ADT or older version #8675 to another brand support box, including White Metal

When installing DuraVent Close Clearance Double Wall interior stovepipe (also known as DVL pipe) The part 6DVL-ADT (which was originally # 8675 Chimney Adaptor without the trim and shown in the video) must be used for 6" double wall pipe adaption to the support box. When installing the Chimney Adaptor to another brand of support box, like the White Metal Chimney pipe support box, it is necessary to widen the opening slightly for the inner stainless steel connector to fit up in the support box. This is easy to do with a ball peen hammer or any rounded piece of heavy metal by tapping gently to push back the inner lip about 1/16" until the widest portion of the connector fits into the box and the trim can be screwed in place and lay flush. Always be sure to install all chimney pipe so that the smaller inner connection, the "male" side, is facing down so that liquid creosote drips into the stove instead of out of the pipe creating odors and a fire hazard. You can find these parts and everything you need for wood stove installation, repairs and maintenance on our web site at We also have other videos on chimney installation showing all the parts and the way they go together which are listed in our "INFORMATION CENTER" along with other helpful videos.

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