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Manchester wood stove from Hearthstone stoves for high capacity and high efficiency heating

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[caption id="attachment_1434" align="alignright" width="290"]Hearthstone Manchester wood stove Hearthstone Manchester wood stove[/caption] WE NO LONGER SELL THE HEARTHSTONE STOVES BUT WE DO HAVE ALL THE PARTS TO SERVICE OR REPAIR THEM! Find the parts lists here!  Exciting news! Hearthstone has just released the Manchester wood stove after almost 5 years of in-house testing. The stove is fully made out of high quality cast iron and features a convective air system with an integrated cast iron heat exchanger that delivers tremendous amounts of heat.The firebox is lined with soapstone to capture heat and release it back slowly and evenly for a more consistent temperature over the burn cycle. A large glass door gives you an unobstructed view of the fire and large front and side loading doors make it easy to get those long, big chunks of wood leaded. The Hearthstone Manchester can be top or rear vented, making it adaptable to any location. Clearances for a large stove like this are exceptional, with a minimum rear clearance of only 6" to combustibles with double-wall pipe and optional rear heat shield. Clearances (With single wall pipe & no rear heat shield) Side 18" Rear 16" Corner 9" Clearances (With double-wall pipe & rear heat shield) Side 16" Rear 6" Corner 9" We have the Hearthstone Manchester on sale at 10% off at introductory pricing just in time for Fall! Hearthstone’s sales policies require dealers sell only to customers within their local area. Click here to go to the "dealer locator" to find your nearest dealer. For those who don’t have local dealers within 50 miles prepared to serve them, call toll free 1-877-265-8618 or email us at

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