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Pellet Stove Maintenance!

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Pellet Stove Maintenance After The Winter or Before

Take out all the fuel in the hopper and feed system. Pellets left in can become damp and cause problems later. Give the stove a "spring cleaning". The fans for the air inlet and exhaust should be brushed of accumulated debris. The air inlet should be checked for obstructions now, and again before re-lighting the stove.

Pellet Stove Troubleshooting

Pellet stove cleaning on a regular basis will prevent problems arising through lack of maintenance. A slow, orange or sooty flame can mean: Burn pot air intakes blocked Ash pan full Blocked flue Need for air intake adjustment  A very fierce flame indicates that less air is needed. Smoke leakage probably indicates that a door or inspection gasket is leaking or that a vent joint is not sealed. Reduced heating output can mean that the heat exchanger needs to be cleaned. Glass sooting up can mean that the air wash system is blocked. If the stove shuts down unexpectedly, make sure proper start up procedures were followed, and that there is fuel in the hopper. Check that the electricity supply is on. Most stoves will shut down automatically in case of a mechanical failure. Check the obvious things above, refer to your owner or technician manual for assistance, if this doesn't solve the issue then call in an expert in your local area.   Don’t wait until it is “Winter” and “Cold” to maintain your heating source.  If you have a stove that is older than 10years, consider having replacement parts on hand even if it is functioning well.  During peak heating season when demand is high from suppliers and manufacturers for replacement stove parts it can be 2-6 weeks or longer depending on the part needed.  Plan ahead and be prepared!  Get ready for winter at the end of winter, don’t wait until fall or later. "TIPS" are just suggestions for your general information, will not be held liable and use of this information is at your own risk.

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