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Warnock Hersey testing laboratory for Wood, Gas & Pellet Stoves, Inserts & Fireplaces

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We have customers calling us almost every day to help identify their "Warnock Hersey" brand stove so that they can order parts. Finding the stove label is the first step to stove identification but "WARNOCK HERSEY" is the testing laboratory and not the manufacturer. Click on this link for a short video guide to FINDING YOUR STOVE IDENTITY  When you have your Make, Model and Serial Number then you will want to find the OWNER'S MANUAL and possibly TECHNICAL MANUAL, if available. Click on this link to find hundreds of manuals listed on our web site. Here is another page and video that may be helpful in stove identification.  Next, you will need to find the PARTS LIST for your specific stove model by clicking on this link. Now you will have all the information for instructions on operating your stove, fireplace or insert and parts replacement. Here is a helpful INFORMATION CENTER filled with information and videos to help you in stove repair and maintenance. If you need further information you are welcome to email us after going through this process at

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