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Whitfield Auger motor troubleshooting and repair w/Nylatron bushing

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Here is an educational video showing you the details of WHITFIELD AUGER MOTOR TROUBLESHOOTING AND REPAIRS! Replacing auger motors is the most common maintenance on any pellet stove. If you have a Whitfield pellet stove you must make sure to replace the original brass bushing with a NYLATRON BUSHING which is the factory required upgrade and has been for many years. They found that the brass bushing tends to cause resistance and bind over time and it actually wears out the auger motor. Auger motor warranty's are voided if the Nylatron bushing is not installed when a new auger motor is put in place. You can find our aftermarket upgraded auger motors (with more internal metal parts replacing the original plastic parts) and the Nylatron bushings on our web site located here.

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