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Whitfield Igniter Element - Whitfield pellet stove parts

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The Super Ignitor cartridge heaters run more efficiently, use less power and last up to 5 times longer than conventional heaters, with less downtime for heater replacements and lower maintenance costs. This igniter comes with a spare fuse and anti seize lubricant. The cost is a little more but the long term savings are great. Our customers love this product. Comes with a one year warranty! Also available is the 13-1117 considered by some to be last longer, see page for more detail. Whitfield ignitor Here is a link to the product on our site Very Detailed instruction, fuse and thread lube are included. Fits the following Whitfield Pellet Stoves: Advantage II-T -WP2 Advantage III -WP2 Advantage II-T Classic -WP2 Optima 2 FS Optima 3 FS Optima 3 INS Advantage Plus FS Profile 20 FS  Serial 7494 and lower Profile 20 FS-2  Serial  7495 and above Profile 30 FS Serial  11904 and above Profile 30 FS-2  Serial  11905 and above Profile 30 INS  Serial  11904 and lower Profile 30 INS-2  Serial  11905 and ablove T300P -P11- T300P-T301P-T305P-T308P Quest Plus FS -WP4 Quest Plus INS -WP4 Consult your manual and parts list available on our web site for confirmation on this and any parts. This is a complete kit includes instructions, the Super Igniter, fuse and anti-seize.

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