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Whitfield Igniter Replacement and other Maintenance Tips|

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Pellet stove maintenance is best performed before the heating season begins, to make sure you are prepared for cold weather. The most commonly replaced pellet stove items include igniter elements, auger motors and fire brick. Most Whitfield, Earth Stove and Traditions brand pellet stove owners, prefer the more durable aftermarket stove igniters over factory original pellet parts. This is true for pellet stove fireback replacements and auger motors as well. Check out this Super Igniter which replaces Whitfield original factory part numbers H8127, 12140213 and 12150213; offered with a six month parts warranty. Wood Heat Stoves & Solar also offers PP3500 pellet stove igniter replacement which comes with a one year warranty and fits pellet stoves calling for those same original part numbers listed above. Need to test your igniter? IGNITER BENCH TEST: Bench test igniter by carefully connecting to AC power leads out of the stove with igniter placed on a concrete surface. The tip should turn red hot within 5 to 10 minutes***. ***Be sure to use insulated wire connectors and use safe electrical wiring practices. How is your auger motor running?  AUGER MOTOR BENCH TEST: Take motor out of the stove and run direct AC power to it; hold with vice grip through more than one rotation to see if gears are stripped. Beware there are many things that can jam an auger so check to see that the auger runs freely on bushing and consider upgrading bushing. We have a video on this process in our INFORMATIONAL VIDEOS ***. ***Be sure to use insulated wire connectors and use safe electrical wiring practices. Our Stove Information Center is packed with videos and free PDFs for download to make troubleshooting and repairing common pellet stove problems easier. offers a terrific collection of pellet stove troubleshooting and part replacement videos on our YouTube channel.

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