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DVL interior double wall stove pipe specifications and offset charts

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Here are some of your specifications for Dura Vent Double Wall interior pipe also known as "DVL" it is very popular for having a 6" clearance to combustibles versus the 18" needed by single wall stove pipe. The DVL pipe also has a stainless steel inner liner so it carries a 25 year warranty since stainless steel does not deteriorate with creosote from wood stoves like carbon steel type stove pipe does. The one disadvantage with DVL pipe from this company or others, they only make 45 degree elbows. So, when you calculate your amount of horizontal offset you may find that the framing in the ceiling prevents you from placing the chimney support box over the perfect location for the wood stove. To find the vertical "rise" and horizontal "run" for your degree of offset you will need to draw out the stove dimentions in cardboard or newspaper and then place it in the stove location so you can drop a plumb bob from the location of the center of the exhaust outlet of the wood stove. Your framing in the attic will need 14" square so you must find 7" in all directions from that plumb bob are free of framing, electrical, framing or plumbing, so that the support box can mount there. The chart on the bottom of this article shows the degree of rise and run in DVL pipe so that you can choose what pipe lengths you need and then purchase them by clicking here.  Contact us at for help in selecting your pipe. If you find that you need an offset, you might be able to accomodate it inside the roof/attic where no one can see it. The second off set chart is for the "White Metal" class A chimney pipe that we offer on this web site.

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