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Wood & Pellet Chimney installation diagrams

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Here are a few of the many possible Wood & Pellet Chimney installations outlined in diagrams. These diagrams came from certain specific pipe manufacturer's who are listed but these same types of installations can be accomplished with a wide variety of pipe manufacturer's products. You will find our favorite and most economically priced versions featured here on our web site. We offer all currently available pipe systems upon request so send us an email to with make model and parts information or photos for other parts you might need. Here are some different chimney installation options for Wood or Pellet stoves depending on your particular home. We have these and other particular brands of pipe ready to ship to you for installation. We have all of these parts ready to order and can help you select the correct chimney parts for your installation. Click here to find the installation pipe on our web site. After reviewing these options email us at if you need further assistance.

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